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Office of Equity and Diversity


In order to reserve one of the Culture and Heritage Houses, a Group Use Agreement must be completed and sent to the Cultural Houses staff via email. It is required that groups complete their reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests submitted within 2 weeks of the event may be denied due to a lack of time. For any questions or comments about making a reservation contact the staff at 509-335-5080 or You must also contact Heather McPherson at 509-335-5080 or via email at


The WSU Culture and Heritage Houses are open to the WSU and community groups. The following groups may schedule events in the Culture and Heritage Houses: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), administrative/academic units of WSU (programs, departments, schools, colleges, etc.), and civic/community groups. Personal events are not allowed.  

Official university guests who are contributing to the academic and/or diversity mission of WSU, are eligible for temporary housing in the Culture and Heritage Houses.  For more information, contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff. Accommodation access is limited. 


Fees for day/event use of the Culture and Heritage Houses:

            a. WSU Registered Student Organizations and administrative/academic units.

            b.Non-WSU groups, see chart below.



House (Occupancy)

Reg. Student Orgs

WSU Departments

Non-WSU Guests

Asian Pacific American Cultural House(40)




Casa Latina(25)




Native American Cultural House 





Talmadge Anderson Heritage House(20)




Rates include basic audio/visual equipment, tables & chairs, setup and takedown labor: Does not include tech labor during the event.

*Registered Student Organizations(RSOs) receive one free annual Venue 

Asian Pacific American Cultural House

$85 per bedroom per night $968 per month

Casa Latina

$75 per bedroom per night $968 per month

Casa Studio

$80 per bedroom per night $968 per month

Native American Cultural House 

$85 per bedroom per night $968 per month

Monthly Rent=$750 rent + $50 cleaning fee + $96.30 LH tax +$71.70% service fee)