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Office of Equity and Diversity

Culture and Heritage House Overnight Guest Policies

  • All overnight guests must have a WSU department and faculty/staff member host.

  • It is strongly encouraged to make reservations 2 weeks in advance. Any reservations made within 2 weeks are not guaranteed a space and could be denied. Please contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff at 509-335-5080 or at

  • Keys can only be checked out to a WSU employee – per Washington State code. Keys must be returned to a staff member. Sending keys through Interdepartmental mail is prohibited.

Asian Pacific American House Bedroom 2

Bedroom in the Asian Pacific American Cultural House

  1. The purpose of the guests’ visit to WSU must fit into the educational mission of the Culture and Heritage Houses mission to promote education and cultural awareness.

  1. Guests invited or hosted by student groups must have approval from their WSU faculty/staff advisor.

  1. Overnight rates vary depending on length of stay. Call for rates at 509-335-5080.  Taxes which may apply to overnight stays include a 12.84% Leasehold Excise Tax and an 8% Service Fee.

  1. Housekeeping and room service are not provided. However, guests are welcome to use the kitchen facilities provided they clean up after themselves and dispose of any leftover food.

  1. Food may only be prepared and eaten on the first floor of any house.

  1. Guests are encouraged to strip the bed(s) of dirty sheets and placed in the laundry hamper. Used towels should also be put in laundry hamper.

  1. There is no smoking or drugs allowed on Culture and Heritage Houses property. The Houses are smoke and substance-free facilities, both inside and outside.

  1. Culture and Heritage House staff must approve personal overnight guests.

  1. Guests with children are responsible for their safety and welfare.

  1. All overnight guests are to park in the B Street Complex parking lot off Monroe Street or in the driveway in front of the Asian Pacific American Cultural House. Maps and guest parking passes are available. 3 street complex parking requires a visitors permit 24/7 and can be obtained from the Heritage House staff.

  1. Provided amenities include: wireless internet, towels, full furnishings, washer/dryer*, bedding, parking, kitchens, and easy access to campus.

  1. Books in the houses are not available for circulation. For additional questions, contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff at

  1. Available rooms:

    1. Casa Latina: 2 bedrooms with queen sized beds, studio apartment with queen size bed

    2. Native American Cultural House: 2 bedrooms with queen size beds

    3. Asian Pacific American Cultural House: 3 bedrooms with queen size beds, 1 bedroom with full size bed