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Office of Equity and Diversity

Culture and Heritage Houses Day Use Policies

1.  Reservations

It is strongly encouraged that groups complete their reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests submitted within 2 weeks of the event may be denied. To make reservations contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff at 509-335-5080 or through email at

2.  Eligibility

The WSU Culture and Heritage Houses are open to university organizations and community groups.  The following groups may schedule events in the Culture and Heritage Houses: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), administrative/academic units of WSU (programs, departments, schools, colleges, etc.), and civic/community groups.  Personal events are not allowed.

 RSO/Greek Events: The status of your reservation will be TENTATIVE until your event is registered in CougSync for approval from either Student Involvement or Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life AND you have had your event details planning meeting with facility scheduling staff –BOTH of these items MUST be completed at least 14 days prior to event date. CougSync registration is REQUIRED for ALL RSO and Greek Events. Your event will not be Confirmed without CougSync registration.
  • OR in another place on their website it says this:
      • Student Involvement requires that all RSO events be registered through CougSync at least 14 days in advance in order to allow time to review risk management.

3.  Fees

Fees for day/event use of the Culture and Heritage Houses:

  • WSU Registered Student Organizations and administrative/academic units: One Event per semester
  1. Non-WSU groups, see chart below:


Dining room in the Asian Pacific American Cultural House Placard for Asian Pacific American Cultural House




Cost (per day)

Cleaning Fee**

Total (one day)

Asian Pacific American Cultural House





Casa Latina





Native American Cultural House





Talmadge Anderson Heritage House






*Prices include all applicable taxes for day use only.  See page Overnight Policies for applicable taxes on overnight stays.

**Cleaning fee can be increased for excessive disorder and/or damage to house and belongings.


4.  Hours

All events must begin no earlier than 8:00am and end no later than 10:00PM. Rare exceptions.*

5.  Student Groups

All student groups must have their faculty or staff advisor present throughout their events.

6. Staffing

A Culture and Heritage Houses staff member may be present to support the event and help as needed.

i. Staff will answer questions, and help with set-up and cleanup, support the event coordinator, and respond to emergencies.

ii. Staff will have a Food Handlers Permit. Any public event serving food may require someone with a Food Handers Permit be present to ensure food safety, according to Washington State law.

iii. The staff will have First Aid/CPR training.

iv. When appropriate, the staff will retreat to a separate, nearby room and be available as needed.

7.  Plates, Silverware, Cups, etc.

The kitchens offer a limited number of service ware. Groups are expected to provide their own plates, silverware, cups, etc.

8.  Cleaning/Kitchens

Please return the facilities to the condition in which you found them. Kitchens should be properly cleaned upon departure:

  1.  Counters and stoves wiped off, floors swept clean, etc.
  2.  Take all food and drink with you when you leave.
  3.  Cleaning supplies are available in the houses.

9.  Garbage

Groups are expected to dispose of their garbage off-site, due to limited trash bins.

10.  Food and Caterers

Groups must inform the Culture and Heritage Houses staff in advance if food will be provided and whether a caterer will be used. The caterer must have an appropriate temporary, mobile or catering permit issued by the Whitman County Health Department.

11.  Maximum Occupancies

Due to fire regulations and accessibility to exits, occupancy is not to exceed the following capacities:

  1. Casa Latina: 25
  2. Talmadge Anderson Heritage House: 35, Training Room: 20
  3. Native American Cultural House: 40
  4. Asian Pacific American Cultural House: 40

12.  Expected Attendance

As the event approaches, if the number of expected guests exceeds the occupancy limits, contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff for rescheduling.

13.  Tables, Chairs, A/V, etc.

If there are any tables, chairs, and A/V equipment needs, please indicate at time of booking. Any furniture rearranged by you to accommodate the event should be returned to its original position before departure.

14.  Food to Sell

The Culture and Heritage Houses do not have commercial kitchens; therefore, food that is prepared in them cannot be sold for profit or given away to the public.

15.  Fire

No open flames are allowed within the structures, including candles and incenses. Open flames like candles or incense create a fire hazard and are not permitted. Rare exceptions.*

16.  Drugs

All facilities are smoke and substance-free, inside and outside. Unless prescribed by a medical professional, no drugs are allowed on Culture & Heritage Houses property.

17.  Alcohol

Alcohol is allowed on a case-by-case basis.* Washington State law requires any event serving alcohol to have a liquor permit and a person in attendance with a liquor license. Users must provide their own person with a liquor license.

18.  Parking

Parking is available in the B Street Complex parking lot off Monroe Street.  Maps can be provided.

  1. When utilizing the Talmadge Anderson Heritage Houses, Casa Latina, and Native American Cultural Houses the B Street Parking lot off Monroe Street is available for This lot allows for roughly 15-20 cars. Visitor permits required: Obtained from Heritage House Staff.
  2. If utilizing the Asian Pacific American Cultural House, there is a driveway on the side of the building where parking is available for 3 or 4 cars.

19.  Group Use Application

A Group Use Application is required to be filled out and returned to the Culture and Heritage Houses staff. The Houses cannot be reserved without a Group Use Application.

  1. There are several options to return your Group Use Application:
    1. Scan and send as an e-mail attachment to
    2. Drop off at 935 NE B St. office during hours: 8:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-5:00PM.

20.  Accessibility

The Houses are historic structures and are not ADA accessible.

21.  Book Collections

Books in the structures are not available for circulation. Please enjoy them in the Houses during business hours. Contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff with any questions.

22.  Glitter

Use of glitter in all of the houses is strictly prohibited.



*Exceptions and case-by-case basis are determined by the Culture and Heritage Houses staff.