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Office of Equity and Diversity


  • The donation fund for the Culture and Heritage Houses is called the “Centers for Culture, Heritage and Education Fund.” 
    It is under the "Student affairs and Enrollment" program.
  • Click here to donate online: 
  • To donate via mail, write the check to the WSU Foundation, PO Box 641925, Pullman, WA  99164.  On the memo line, write in Centers for Culture, Heritage and Education Fund.

Why donate?

Donating will help our Social Justice peer educators, Marketing Interns, The Cultural Houses and training for faculty and staff on diversity.

For the houses the funds will be used for maintaining all supplies and ensuring the visitor enmities are maintained to the best of our abilities.

Social Justice peer educators will use fund to travel, classes and presentation material.

Marketing Interns will be able to have a larger base of resources for student outreach!

Our training's will be boosted in terms of resources for presentations and the scale of people educated.