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Office of Outreach and Education

Community & Equity Workshop Series

The three-part Community & Equity Workshop Series is the foundation for the new Community & Equity Certificate for WSU Faculty and Staff through the division of Student Affairs. 

Certificate Requirements

WSU faculty, professional staff, and administrators must complete seven workshops across four (4) areas to earn the certificate.

The first area builds a foundation for the certificate through the Community & Equity Workshop Series (Equity 101, 102, and 103), which offers an overview of equity at a land-grant institution and promotes conversations about inclusive language, identity exploration, and how to engage across difference. Participants also gain tools and best practices for mindfully incorporating these ideas into their work at WSU.

The Community & Equity Workshop Series is developmental, with each workshop building upon subsequent sessions in the series.  As participants develop shared language and explore areas related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, they are able to move together along a continuum of practice within the institution.

The Community & Equity Workshop Series (Equity 101, 102 and 103) is available to all WSU professional staff, faculty, and administrators across the system online via Zoom.

Individuals can visit the Student Affairs site to register

*These workshops may be requested for teams or departments, however requests are filled for fall 2020. To request a training session for your team or department, contact Merrianneeta Nesbitt at or 509-335-5078.

Community & Equity Workshop Series Descriptions:

Equity 101: Defining and Cultivating Inclusive Excellence at WSU
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about WSU core values and rationale for equity and inclusive excellence across the institution. Participants will also explore key terms related to equity and inclusion, examine notions of intent versus impact, and discuss affirming language.

Equity 102: Who are You? Fostering Critical Self Awareness to Engage Across Difference  (Prerequisite: Equity 101)
Equity 102 encourages participants who have completed Equity 101 to go further to foster critical self-awareness as they explore their own identities, including their unique characteristics and social locations. Throughout the workshop, participants will discuss how their identities shape their beliefs, values, expectations, perceptions, and actions and develop skills for engaging across difference at WSU. Equity 101 is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Equity 103: Moving From Equality Towards Equity (Prerequisites: Equity 101 & 102) 
Equity 103 will expand participants’ understanding of how they can build an equity-minded WSU. Participants will examine the distinct difference between equity and equality; explore concepts of power, marginalization, and privilege; discuss historical and ongoing inequities in society; and build skills for fostering equity. Equity 101 and 102 are prerequisites for this workshop.

Community & Equity Workshop Series Testimonials

“Great conversations all around. I liked breaking down certain questions. This workshop will allow me to explain terms much better when working with students.” ~Equity 101 Participant

"I'm very interested in continuing on in the upcoming (Equity 102 & 103) workshops...this training helped me learn new ways of being open. Thank you!" ~Equity 101 Participant

"I'm so glad I took Equity empowered me to have conversations I used to think were hard; this workshop gave me even more tools to take on the perspectives of people I work with and deepen those conversations." ~Equity 102 Participant 

Community & Equity Certificate Program for Faculty and Staff

Seven workshops are required across four areas. The first area, Building a Foundation, includes the Community & Equity Workshop Series listed above, which offers an overview of equity at a land-grant institution. In the second area, Allyship, participants will gain tangible tools for being an ally to specific marginalized communities. The Skill Building area focuses on skills for creating more equitable workplaces. In the final area, Building Community Together, participants will discuss issues of equity. 

The certificate is designed to further expand participants' understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice and add depth to the growing conversations occurring across the WSU system. 

Completing the full Community & Equity Workshop Series (Equity 101, 102, and 103) is the first step for those interested in beginning the certificate program.