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Office of Equity and Diversity

Cultural Competency Training

Program Overview
Washington State University is becoming one of the fastest growing diverse and inclusive universities in the northwest and eastern Washington. The commitment to diversity is even more apparent with the creation of the first Cultural Competency Certificate Program in the Washington State University system. Offered through the Office of Equity and Diversity, the Cultural Competency Certificate Program consists of cultural diversity workshops, seminars, classroom curriculum offerings and service learning opportunities available to all members of the community.

The Cultural Competency Certificate Program is the link between theory and the practical application of the concepts to the workplace, creating an experiential shift in values, attitudes and behaviors that will result in a fully engaged workforce. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to leverage your cultural competencies in order to better access new and emerging markets.

Developing the Culturally Competent Individual
Being culturally competent means having a working knowledge of other cultural values, norms, behaviors, traditions, expectations and customs -- the ability to recognize and respond to personal perceptions that lend themselves to unintended bias mistakes and to make better decisions based on that understanding. The Cultural Competency Certificate Program uses real case study situations to provide an immersion experience so participants can examine cultural assumptions, and look beyond someone’s race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, family status, or disability. Ultimately, becoming more culturally intelligent and being able to harness different perspectives that are useful in the classroom, the workplace and the marketplace.     

Participants will experience scripted, interactive exercises that put them into typical day to day situations in the classroom, workplace, marketplace and the community to help them become aware of their own “blind spots,” i.e. when your best intentions do not align with your actual behavior. The Cultural Competence Program will allow you to grow, preparing you to achieve your full potential and represent yourself effectively in the world. 

Cultural Competency Education Training
This training breaks down the barriers, challenges the stereotypes, and strives to learn from the differences and the commonalities in people, cultures, and global community. The Office of Equity and Diversity’s staff is available to provide interactive training on topics for faculty and staff, student organizations, departments, and residence halls. The Office of Equity and Diversity will also provide training for co-workers or staff on a particular diversity-related topic, or guest lecture in classes tailored to the needs of the students. 

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