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Office of Equity and Diversity

Mission Statement

The Office of Outreach and Education provides transformational educational opportunities that cultivate and sustain an inclusive and diverse campus community, promoting equitable access for all who work, teach, and learn at Washington State University. 


The Office of Outreach and Education acknowledges that engaging divergent voices and perspectives has the potential to produce new ideas and expand the boundaries of knowledge. Fostering and sustaining diversity within spaces of knowledge production where individuals can bring their whole selves to the table, enriches the educational experiences of all learners and supports academic excellence at WSU. The Office of Outreach and Education is committed to cultivating an inclusive WSU community that values diversity and affirms differences, by seeking to dismantle the barriers that historically have excluded and marginalized certain groups from accessing higher education. The Office of Outreach and Education furthers Washington State University’s Land-grant mission and commitment to developing leaders for the 21st century’s pluralistic, global community.