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Office of Equity and Diversity

The Office of Outreach and Education (formerly the Office of Equity and Diversity) provides transformational educational opportunities that cultivate and sustain an inclusive and diverse campus community, promoting equitable access for all who work, teach, and learn at Washington State University.

The Office of Outreach and Education Feature Programs:

Social Justice Peer Educator ProgramSocial Justice Peer Educators (SJPEs pictured on the right) are tasked with developing and implementing educational programs and trainings for their undergraduate peers, which advance equity, diversity, and social justice. 

WSU Navigating Difference Professional Development is a training based on the WSUE Cultural Competencies and is designed using key adult education theory and practice that create a safe and welcoming environment for all learners.  The learning activities respect and support individual learning styles, and the participants’ life experiences are viewed as an important source of knowledge. The intent of the program is to gain knowledge and skills that can be used when engaging in a new situation/culture, rather than focusing on specific cultural knowledge.

The WSU Equity Series: Developed and co-facilitated by a collective team consisting of educators within the Office of Outreach and Education and others across the institution, the WSU Equity Series (Equity 101-103) is a foundational series promoting community and inclusive excellence at WSU. Interactive conversations around inclusive language, identity exploration and impact on engagement across difference, as well as discussions related to equity and equality provide tools for inclusive practice in all areas of work.  Currently Equity 101 is available, with Equity 102-103 coming fall 2019 and spring 2020.

Equity 101-In this interactive workshop, the presenters will articulate WSU values related to equity and inclusive excellence as participants engage in exploring key terms related to equity and inclusion, examine notions of intent versus impact, and build knowledge around affirming language. This workshop is intended as a pilot to help shape a developmental series for participants to gain and build upon knowledge, skills, caring, and action across the institution.

Equity 102-Upon completion of Equity 101, the prerequisite to this training, participants in Equity 102 will have the opportunity to foster critical self-awareness as they explore their own identities, including unique individual characteristics as well as their social locations. Throughout the workshop, participants will pay particular attention to how their identities shape their beliefs, values, expectations, perceptions, and actions and develop skills for engaging across difference in their work at WSU.

Equity 103-As the final workshop in this 3-part series, Equity 103 builds upon the skill-building activities from Equity 101 and 102, as participants will examine the distinct difference between equity and equality as the need to foster equity-mindedness at WSU. In this workshop, participants will explore the concepts of power, marginalization, and privilege, and the historical and ongoing construction of inequity. Participants will conclude this workshop by again building skills for fostering equity and an equity-minded WSU.

Session Variety: An array of sessions are available through the Office of Outreach and Education for university departments, the WSU Professional Development Initiative, and other groups, including fraternities and sororities. The Office aims to uphold WSU values in making equity and inclusion a part of every aspect of the WSU enterprise, which impacts the fabric of WSU’s educational and administrative system, and helps prepare students and employees for the ever-increasing multicultural work force.  Schedule a session or conversation for your team: Contact Us

The Social Justice Peer Educators pose atop Kamiak Butte

2017-2018 Social Justice Peer Educators

Diversity Education's 2017-2018 Social Justice Peer Educators

Students in a pair-and-share conversation during a session 2018